Opensuse Leap 15.2 autofs NFS mount problems

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Well just a quick note and possible guide I had uncounted after upgrading my opensuse installation (clean install) to Leap 15.2 my autofs NFS mount from the QNAS would only let me write and not read from the folders ? I had spent several days checking and changing things around without success. I managed to get it reading by disabling NFS v2-v3 on the QNAS but this was not convenient as both my Kodi and Runeaudio installs on separate media players needed NFSv3.

After some extensive google research I found a simple answer and it works yay.

I added the auto.master  

/home/####/NAS  /etc/auto.nfs4 --timeout=180

And changed auto.nfs to auto.nfs4

then edited the auto.nfs4 and changed

QNAS -fstype=nfs4 192.168.##.##:/


QNAS -fstype=nfs 192.168.##.##:/

Oviously the ## is just to hide real IP


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