A little culture for the weekend

Church Road

Special Reserve 2013

Well what a splendid weekend. It started on Friday when Ricky and I where talking about the simplest but most enjoyable of food a Sunday roast.  The weekend has not been very pleasant weather wise but on Saturday night Tracey and I went out to Nu Orleans restaurant in Ipswich for tea.  After a very pleasant but little rushed dinner “still time for desert in which I wasn’t to keen to share with Tracey”. Then of to a play The Narcissist at the Ipswich Little Theatre.  We decided to go out to see the play after I had commented to Tracey how it had been a long time since we had been to a play.  About that time Josh Nixon (friend from GKR Karate) had started to audition and gained a part in the play. So the evening was set, I laughed so much and really enjoyed myself despite the weather. Tracey and I got to meet the cast and to the audience and cast surprise the playwrite was there for the finale as well.

Tonight’s dinner was a roast pork cooked prepared by me, with herbs and garlic and home made gravy,  No apple sauce in sight (can’t stand it). and to top the evening off longtime favorite of mine Church Road special reserve Cabernet Merlot 2013.



Listening to Mumford and Sons

New Car for Me = Mitsubishi Lancer 2006 Bright Yellow

Well I decided to update the Daewoo.  A few weeks ago a customer had brought his wife’s car in for a service, at the time I had been discussing replacing my car with Ricky when he drove the Lancer into the work shop.  He said to me I wouldn’t mind one of these and my reply was “me too”. Lancer Later in the day when the customer was picking up the vehicle he remarked he was selling the car. It could not have been better timing as the 2006 bright Yellow manual 5 speed 2.4 MIVEC Mitsubishi Lancer with only 130 kms was just perfect.  I have decided that I would keep the car until Emily (turning 16 soon) gets her license and pass it on. I have told Emily that she is going to get a manual license as Tracey and I had.

The car has been great and very zippy as Tracey has found out with me driving a little hard only to give her a thrill LOL. My friend has described the car as a  boys car with the rear wing and yellow color,  Little does she now the owner before me was a 60 year old lady LMAO.  The car has been given a full service and polished, So is looking good and running well.



Finally moved from Kmail to Thunderbird

Well most people who know me also know I use and love Linux. I have been using on my home computer since 2005. I decided to settle on Opensuse. I started off with version 10.1(2008)  and migrated through the different versions to the current version Opensuse Leap 42.1 with KDE desktop. I have noticed over the years Linux and the… Read more →

My Birthday Today

Well I have made it to 46 and still some days feel only 21 LOL. I woke up this morning and Lauren gave me a mug she had made herselfBirthday Coffee mug then Tracey gave me some chocolates with a bottle of vodka.  I’ve had the day off work today and its been really quiet and peaceful 🙂 Tracey was at work and the kids at school. I did manage to spray the weeds and then spent the rest of the day playing music and on the computer. We are going out to tea tonight with Alyson & Glenn to the lone star ribhouse.

The weather has been really hot over the last few weeks and humidity going bonkers this has pushed air conditioning to the max, can’t wait for the power bill yay. I can’t belive one month of the year has already gone so its back into weight training in the mornings and Karate at nights. I have gained a few more students at my Windaroo Dojo, Last Thursday I had 8 student attend class.





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