New Home Server / Nas

Well I have begun an update to the home server. My old Server a HP XW660 Xeon 8 core from dual Xeon and 16GB Ram (workstation) is still running but is ageing and giving some problems so I decided to update to a ProLiant ML110 Gen9 Server.

Specs Are

128 GB ECC Ram DDR4

14 Core (28 Thread) Xeon E5-2683 v3

Dual Raid cards 1 GB Cache and Battery Backup with 8 x 2.5 inch drives with a mix of SSD and HDD and 4 3.5 inch HDD of storage (not yet decided most likely 8 TB HDD)

Intel Optane NVME 16GB SSD Cache on a PCIE card

Dual 750 W power supplies

5 Network Ports (all 1GB) one iLO port (Server manager)

USB Skyconnect (zigbee/matter dongle) and a Google Coral USB TPU

Nvidia Quadro T400 GPU

So as you can see a big step-up, Not decided if going to run Ubuntu with Docker or Proxmox with VM. A big step up but still gathering all the parts I need.